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Take a Minute Mama is For YOU!

The Take a Minute Mama space at The Suffolk Spa is for mothers interested in nurturing themselves; their mind, body and soul. For those who want to take a break from the overwhelm and to find rest in the ultimate healer and counsellor, Jesus. 

I love a bit of pampering, a spa day or even just two minutes with an at home pedicure or facial steam bowl! As a treat, usually around my birthday I book a massage to ease the tension in my shoulders from the heavy load of carrying little ones around. When my husband and I manage to get away we often book a mini-spa break. I feel so relaxed after, ready to face the drama of family life upon return! 

I’m tired of looking around and engaging with the health and wellness industry as a Christian and feeling like something is missing. I would love a place that focuses on the hope and love that is found in Jesus whilst nurturing the body God gave you! Where you can lean into His presence and the peace that passes all understanding. I want a space where I can meditate on His word and truth. So I decided to build a place where you as a mom can find that! The idea being that you can meet with Jesus whilst caring for your mind, body and soul. 

Whilst working towards my ultimate goal of having a Christian focused health and wellness retreat I want to create a resource here to help mothers focus on their physical and mental wellbeing whilst on that journey to ‘letting go and letting God’. 

‘Be still and know that I am God’

(Psalm 46v10)

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