5 Best Motherhood and Faith Blogs/Influencers of 2022

How many of these incredible people do you know? I’m going to share some of the top thought leaders in the area of motherhood, who specifically integrate faith and wellness and who helped influence my journey as a mother. 

By the end of the article, you will discover how you too can follow Jesus whilst looking after your mental and physical wellbeing as a mom.

Ready? Let’s dive in!

  1. A Mother Far From Home

A Mother Far From Home is a blog and website committed to helping mothers organise their life with kids whilst having fun in the parenting journey. Rachel Norman, the author of A Mother Far From Home had 5 kids in 5 years and learnt how to organise her home life to make it work for everyone. I particularly like that she focuses a lot on managing the chaos of parenting. She has articles on routines, carving time out for yourself and organising your home. I enjoyed this article on unwinding as a mom, it looked at simple ways moms can unwind, relax and recharge in daily life, so important! There are also many articles on family routines, carving time out for yourself and organising your home. I recently bought the ‘From Overwhelm To Order’ bundle which includes a meal planner, family priorities, financial goals and budgeting worksheets etc. She also has printable scripture cards to help meditate on God’s word for renewing our mind and being encouraged in the daily life of being a mama. 

www.amotherfarfromhome.com | @amotherfarfromhome

  1. Don’t Mom Alone

Don’t Mom Alone is a weekly podcast run by Heather McFadyen. She is passionate about ensuring Moms don’t mom alone. She started her podcast titled ‘God Centred Mom’, focusing on the truth that even if we feel alone we never truly are with Jesus alongside us. Her podcast evolved into Don’t Mom Alone when she realised that an important element of parenting is other people. So now her podcast focuses on interviewing others on their experience of parenthood, whilst maintaining Christ at the centre. I love listening to this podcast especially on a long day at home with the kids, it most definitely helps me realise I am not alone in this parenting journey! I also love the practical tips from those she interviews on raising kids in a christian home. Two particular podcast episodes of hers that I’ve enjoyed are ‘Parenting in the Power of the Holy Spirit’ and ‘Raising Emotionally Strong Boys’. 


  1. The Money Saving Mom

The Money Saving Mom is headed up by Crystal Paine who first and foremost describes herself as a child of God. She has an active instagram account, website and podcast (The Crystal Paine show), where she details her family life with kids following God. This includes her fostering and adoption journey. She shares great practical tips on connecting well with your kids and how to encourage them on their faith journey. She is passionate about saving money as a mom and living well within your means. I find her daily stories on Instagram inspiring.


  1. Risen Motherhood 

Risen Motherhood is a website, podcast and book by Laura Wiffler and Emily Jensen. They speak about the need for the gospel and challenge us to apply it to our everyday lives as moms. It’s easy to forget in the long days at home with littles that looking after our kids is very important holy work. Sometimes we lose our identity in that. However Laura and Emily constantly remind us that we are serving God when we’re looking after and serving those in our home. Risen Motherhood draws attention to the fact that ‘The Good News is that we live in the light of the resurrection of Christ, we can have a secure identity and be part of a bigger story – God’s redemption story.’ How awesome is that?! 

www.risenmotherhood.com | @risenmotherhood

  1. Anna Mathur

Anna Mathur is a Psychotherapist and mum, passionate about taking therapy out of the therapy room. She has a big Instagram following where she shares daily insights on navigating life as a mum whilst encouraging mums to acknowledge their own needs. Whilst this isn’t an overtly Christian page I have found this to be one of the most helpful sites in enabling me to make sense of my thoughts and feelings around motherhood. The two main ideas that have helped me are; putting on our oxygen mask first and filling up our cup so that we are able to then give out to our kids and family. She talks a lot about how we can be more of the type of mum we want to be (more present, less irritability?!) if we look after ourselves well. Therefore it is not selfish to consider our needs and take time out for ourselves. Anna has developed affordable courses specifically aimed at mums such as The Reframing Anxiety course and The Week on Worth course. I have bought the the Week on Worth course! I find her content very relatable and helpful in maintaining good mental health as a mother. 

www.annamathur.com | @annamathur

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